What do most people want in an insurance agent?

I have to admit this is something I don’t think about much. I never had to. I grew up working in my Dad’s agency and when I was old enough to drive he was my agent. He stayed my agent until he retired and then I became my own agent. I know this is a rare occurrence and I have have been thinking lately….what do most people want in an insurance agent?

Telling it like it is and not hiding things in order to sell policies. Ability to admit when a mistake has been made by the agent, staff person or the company.

Not selling a policy someone doesn’t need. Sometimes agents add on things that are not necessary just to bump that premium up a bit more.

Caring and Compassion
Having an agent that can relate to your situation. Understand that finances are tight and we sometimes have to make hard choices. Building a relationship with the customer. Having someone that knows your name when you walk in the front door and is happy to see you.

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